Margaret, Peter, and little Clementine

SKIE is a dream come true for Peter and Margaret Sheppard to experience exploring our wonderful world, and see revealed the wonders of life from a very different perspective - the water.
If you wish to follow our journeys, we will try and show you some of the sights and experiences that are happening at the time. 

We don't wish to write about things that anyone can see by jumping on a cruise ship or flying in to see the sights which would be fairly uneventful. This is more about a cruisers blog and we would prefer to relate our experiences more about the journey and preparation, and less on what's found to see and photograph at the destination. Highlighting SKIE'S technical and sailing issues will be prominent, and hopefully a guide to others that follow in our path when taking the plunge. 

It is often said that cruising plans should be written in the sand at low tide, however our plan is to let SKIE  take us anywhere around the world, and this will be done over an indeterminate time frame.

No, unlike many Nordhavn owners, we have not sold our business, our houses, or cars. We are into ringing from lifes opportunities everything that is possible, at the same time living our normal conventional lives. This ain't no dress rehearsal as been quoted often before, and we aren't copping out of anything until our cruising appetite has been sated, when over - who knows?

Whether our current aspirations occur or not depends on many issues, health being probably the most important for ourselves, family or business needs, or it could be as simple as just having had enough of the experience.

Much quality information is available for the cruising yachtsman these days due to the miracle of the internet and many websites such as ours just chronicling adventures to just maybe provide a guiding light for those who may dream about it.

We would particularly like to encourage people to take the plunge in spite of their diverse backgrounds and previous knowledge and experience. Just get out there and do it, as the rewards should be very fulfilling.

Hope you enjoy our various adventures as they unfold. 

Peter & Margaret Sheppard

Melbourne, Australia

Kimberley, NW Australia


Exploring the World in a  passagemaking motor yacht.

Northern BC, Canada, punching into it towards Alaska, May 2010

Half way across the Great Australian Bight
Half way across the Great Australian Bight
Fords Terror, Endicott Arm, Alaska
SW Cape, Tasmania
Fakarava, Tuamotos, French Polynesia
Kimberley, NW Australia

Where is SKIE now? 


Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania